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Tile Based Game. New !
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Frogman in Wonderland
Old-School Jump`n Run Game.
300 kb - flash 6.
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  Make your own Shamotte
Dress postrock band Shamotte as you like. But beware:
when you`re finished, they`ll judge your style.
190 kb - flash 6.
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  Hündi Death Ride
Carrace. Run over animals crossing the street.
Small file - flash 5.
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  Space Odysee
Shooter. Fight against blue alien elefant-like radioactive jumping monsters.
380 kb - flash 5.
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The Wühldoms
Shooter. Shoot the Wühldoms.
290 kb - flash 5.
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  Mortimer Escape Race
Carrace. You can play it on your own, against the computer or in double player mode.
250 kb - flash 5.
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